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Starting in July and working through September, we will reach out to each of you to arrange a convenient time for a walk-through with Efficiency United and HEET to assess your building’s needs.  Please fill out the short form at left to get the process started.

ADDRESS: OCT 2018 – MAR 2019
We will spend some time in this period reviewing the most benefit and biggest impact for the money that we receive to invest.  The two areas that are most affected by energy efficiency improvements are electricity and heat (thermal).

  • On the electrical side, we are hoping to have some some funds for several LED lighting retrofits.
  • On the thermal (heating) side, we will use the assessments will guide the delivery of our winterization efforts – prioritizing the coldest buildings.

We will recruit volunteers from different service organizations to help tackle the job, but the success of the delivery depends on your capacity to work with your volunteer base as well. The work is very easy, but time-consuming! In fact, this is why we can deliver so much for so little, because, if you were to contract the job professionally, the labor costs would make up ~90% of the estimate.

Once the work is finished, you should be a bit more comfortable in the winter and a bit more happy about your electric bill.

ASSESS AGAIN: 2019-2020
For the third and final phase, involvement with the project requires you to supply monthly electric and heat bills for one year after all of the efficiency measures are in place for your building.

We look forward to meeting and working with you!