Would you like help tightening up your house?

Our team of volunteers work on Saturdays for 3 hours to seal up the leakiest place in your basement - the rim joist.

iq guidelines 2

student volunteer from MTU ETEC putting up blueboard on the rim joist of a basement. He has already spray-foamed behind it, and will spray-foam in front of it to complete the section.

If you seal 80% of a rim joist, THE SAME AMOUNT OF COLD AIR (100%) that previously came in through the area now finds its way into that last...20...percent. So, completing the whole thing is what gets you the golden toasty winter - although, any amount you do does also improve life, because it is keeping the wind out from the direction that you seal from.

If you learn the process and commit to finish the project within 3 months, we will lend you the (somewhat expensive) equipment and purchase the materials to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

If you are not income-qualified, we will still lend you the tools and show you the process, but you will be on your own for buying the materials.