Volunteer Thank-You for St. Vincent De Paul Food Pantry

Thank you to MTU Engineers Without Borders and also MTU Graduate Student Government Volunteers for spending three hours inside on a beautiful Saturday morning putting pipe wrap on miles (ok, well, a lot) of hot water and radiator pipes in the basement of St. Vincent De Paul’s Food Pantry in Hancock last Saturday.

We will post their smiling faces soon, but for now – have a look at these thermal shots!

These shots are before-and-after pipe wrap, and also thermal and plain view.

Look at the temperature in the upper left hand corner to see this 13-degree difference between before and after the install…now the Food Pantry will spend less money keeping water warm in a cold basement.

Looking up at the pipe. It runs along the ceiling of the basement.

Look at this in all of it’s blazing glory! 106 degrees

Now, here are shots of after installing pipe wrap, which looks like this:

This is pipe wrap…you place it on the pipe, peel off the plastic liners and they glue together themselves! Easy stuff! Some brands you need to tape yourself, though.

See the pipe wrap? Dark shot.


Et, voila!














THANKS again for volunteering, guys, and if this all inspires you to volunteer, here is a link to our sign-up form, where you will get an email about 5 days before a project, telling you that week’s location. The time is always 10am on a Saturday morning for three hours.