NPT incorporated as a 501c3 in 2006. Our mission is to increase the use of renewable, water and energy-efficient technologies.


Visit this page to see the programs and projects we have organized and delivered to the Copper Country.

Thanks go out to all of the great sponsors and partners who have made it possible for the area's residents to further understand our area's energy landscape.


We launched a winterization pilot soon afterward that brought together at-risk high school students with MTU School of Construction students to do easy (unskilled-labor) energy-efficient home improvement tasks for income-qualified and elderly Copper Country residents.

In 2012, we worked with the MTU Enterprise Program through a Ford C3 College Community Challenge grant and  winterized 30 homes.

In 2014, a group of intrepid grad students from Michigan Tech convinced our county to enter a competition for $5M prize. We partnered into the situation and worked to bring resources (energy-efficient refrigerators, heat-pump water heaters, ~6000 LEDs) to the area to help people save money and also did another ~50 winterizations, working with service organizations and student groups.

This year (2020) we hit the 100-home-winterization mark, all with local volunteer labor!  We couldn't be more pleased: 100 households are more comfortable through the long cold winter months, using less gas/propane/fuel oil and saving money.  

Big thanks again go out to all of the area's individuals, service organizations, and local businesses who have made this vision a reality.