INCOME QUALIFICATIONAre you an income-qualified Copper Country resident?

3 STEPS – Upload 2 documents and fill out a form.
If uploading here doesn’t work for you, call 281-5986 to figure out how to get them where they need to go.



1. Upload a photograph of your UPPCO statement.Get very close with your camera, and shoot the top of the bill: your name & address, and also please make the shot big enough to pick up your account number and the date.

When you have it ready, click on this link to send it to us.

2. Upload proof of your income. It can be a file or photo of a pay stub, BRIDGE card, last year’s tax return or a W-2.

When you have it ready, click on this link to transfer the file to us. 

3. Fill out this form in order for us to send your LED Voucher. We realize you’ve already uploaded this information, twice; but this form streamlines the data compilation, which means more money for materials for winterizations. Thanks for your patience.