Income-Qualified Ontonagon Residential ENERGY EFFICIENCY Support



If you are income-qualified, then there are opportunities to bring down the cost of your electricity and heat.

If you are income-qualified and along SEMCO's gas extension route, there is a valuable offer happening right now to cover the cost of replacing your furnace and water heater with extremely efficient natural gas equipment if you are choosing to bring the gas to your house, which also can be financed long-term on your bill.

If you are income-qualified and have an electric water heater: we have openings for 8-10 heat pump water heater replacements. These units bring down the cost of heating your water to about that of natural gas, still using electricity though.

If you are income qualified and have a boiler heating your house - (radiators or hot water): we can install 3-4 ECM units in the area. These are electronically commutated motors, which replace existing pumps in your system. Existing pumps keep running hot water after it comes up to temp, where an ECM has a temperature sensor on it that shuts it off when it comes to temp.