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New Power Tour worksMarkus Manderfield, Former ETEC Team Leader. Markus uses a drywall square to keep long lines straight. with  Construction Engineering students from Michigan Tech University, training high school students while winterizing the homes of low-income and elderly members of our community. Our project makes an economic and thermal difference in the lives of our neighbors, and students learn skillsets that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

… As I wrote the check for my first “real” gas bill of the season today, I thought about your wonderful organization and great crew that visited me about a year ago. Your group of young men and women were very impressive as they worked so quickly and cheerfully insulating waterpipes, electrical sockets, door weather stripping, etc. I truly enjoyed having all of you in my home. Even more impressive, though, was the effect your work did for my heating costs. Normally, my winter gas bills ran from near to over $200.00 After your visit, last year’s highest gas bill was only $132.00, which certainly helped to stretch my very limited income. Please accept my gratitude – and keep up the great work!”
Patti Monroe
Chassell, MI