New Power Tour is dedicated to education and outreach concerning woody biomass Bioenergy and homeowner energy efficiency.

Just the Facts:   the most efficient use of electricity is to not use it – energy efficiency.

Time, research and careful consideration brought our board to the conclusion that (after thermal and appliance efficiency needs are addressed) the most beneficial renewable resource for residents of the Great Lakes Basin is the sustainable harvesting of woody biomass in combined heat and power applications. This technology keeps the most local dollars hovering closely to local economies.

We work in our area (Keweenaw Peninsula, Upper Peninsula, MI) to build a productive conversational climate for residents – providing the vocabulary for business, municipalities and the general public to converse about and network ways to bring into use the abundant regional supply of woody biomass to best local advantage.


WEATHERIZATION IN CENTENNIAL HEIGHTS - New Power Tour, MTU ETEC Enterprise, and Horizons School students will be tightening up a home in Centennial Heights Thursday, March 27. There is a hole in the basement we are going to plug, and lots of opportunities for caulk!
FOOTAGE FROM FINLAND: Woody Biomass Bioenergy - Please join us, if you can, this Thursday Morning at the Franklin Square Inn, for the Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce’s Eggs’n'Issues. NPT’s Managing Director Melissa Davis will be giving a presentation about Woody Biomass Bioenergy.  Follow the link for more details.  http://newpowertour.com/events/bioenergy-talk-keweenaw-chamber-commerce-eggsnissues/
picture of managing Director Melissa Davis WELCOME TO OUR NEW SITE! - My name is Melissa Davis, managing director at New Power Tour. I hope that this site will help to clarify the influences surrounding woody biomass bioenergy as a source for small-scale district heating and electricity production.   Thanks for visiting us! ~m